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Technical Editing

Your editorial needs: user-friendly software documentation

User manual, online help, training document and tutorial for application software. Target group-oriented. Attractive. Compliant with standards and guidelines. These are the tasks in your Technical Editing Department.

Technical writers who create software documentation and other user documentation should consider their tasks as part of the information management process. The focus should not only be on the creation of the individual manual or help system.

The editorial tasks are defined in ISO/IEC 15288:2015,

  • Ensures effective, efficient, safe, and economical use of application software.
  • Protects against liability claims and provides regulatory certainty
  • Reduces training and support costs
  • Ensures customer satisfaction, thus customer loyalty, and thus provides a competitive advantage

User-friendly technical documentation

The editorial team communicates with the users of your software through the medium of various text types: operating manual, online help, training document and tutorial for application software. Therefore, the core competence of technical editing services include structuring and designing many different types of information. The professional handling of editorial systems, the content management systems that are specially tailored to the requirements in technical editing, is also part of this solid knowledge of experienced professional editors. 

We help you create first-class technical software documentation

For you, we develop an easy-to-use innovative online help that meets your needs. To do this, we use modern editorial systems in which the processes are automated throughout. Processes such as single-source publishing and modularized organization of content in the editorial system ensure efficient implementation of the online help. 

We are just as happy to take over the editing of your software documentation as we are to develop concepts and standards. Inspire your customers and add value to your products. Concentrate on your business, we take over the tasks around technical documentation. You can even outsource your department completely to us.