Outsourcing Technical Documentation to a Service Provider

If you intend to outsource parts of your technical editing to an outsourcing partner, people text offers the best conditions for your plans.

We are happy to respond to requests regarding any steps of technical documentation: From planning to the archived version of the documentation. This also includes the introduction of editing systems whereby people text is a stable service partner.

We make your documentation come alive

The chief aim of outsourcing is to reduce company expenses. In addition, most of our customers want to focus on their core competences. With the decision to cooperate with a specialized service provider, they gain access to state-of-the-art technology and benefit from new ideas. The tasks at hand are fulfilled efficiently and expertly. That way, we help our customers to increase efficiency in their internal workflows.

As a service provider for technical documentation, we offer you resources:

  • Relief during peak periods
  • Expert knowledge on demand
  • Long-term cooperation

The benefit for you:

  • More time for what’s important
    Relieve your top people of non-specialized and unpleasant tasks. Make intelligent use of your resources. By choosing us, you’re using experienced professionals who provide optimal support for your team.
  • Advantage over your competitors
    Set yourself apart from your competitors by using communication in the after-sales phase. No other means of communication has as much potential here as customer documentation. We help you to use this potential. Let it improve your image, increase customer satisfaction and reinforce customer loyalty.
  • Transparent running costs
    Reveal untraceable and hidden costs by outsourcing processes.
  • Minimized liability risks
    Do you know the laws, standards, and guidelines relevant to the technical documentation of your product? If not, talk to us. We’ll lower the liability risk for you.
  • Take the strain off support
    Do your support department’s ears ring sometimes because your customers don’t know what to do next? Then it’s high time to take a critical look at your customer documentation: Does it suit the target group? Is it clear and complete? We do this for you.
  • Optimized processes
    Do you want your customer documentation to be created more quickly, to a better standard, and at lower cost? If so, we can help you. Our project experience is our guarantee that we can design your documentation process more efficiently, more economically, and with less susceptibility to errors. (LISTPARAEND)

Five things that lead to an effective cooperation:

  • Honesty
    Involves a complete refusal to deceive.
  • Integrity
    Involves being responsible for your commitments, including promises - small and large, obvious and implied.
  • Rationality
    Dictates that logic, not hierarchy, rules, and that reason-based arguments are always welcome.
  • Respect
    Involves treating every person as a unique individual with enormous, and partly undiscovered, talents and abilities.
  • Access
    Managers and executives are available to staff. Without access, positive change is often impossible. (LISTPARAEND)

See: Barry Saiff, Outsourcing Technical Writing. A Primer. XML Press