Process Optimization in Technical Documentation

You want to continuously improve and optimize production and development processes. This is the only way to achieve high-quality software documentation such as online help and other content. We can help you save time and money.

Cut translation costs with a translation memory system:
Technical documentation, such as user manuals or operating manuals, are translated into many languages for the world market. That is why the costs for translations can easily reach unexpected dimensions.

Content delivery portal for technical documentation:
Providing customers with the up-to-date versions of user documentation in time after product updates is a challenge.

Component content management system. Workflow for large volumes of data:
The specific CMS systems used in technical documentation are also referred to as component content management system (CCMS)

Single Source Publishing in the field of technical documentation:
The information is set up in modules and compiled for subsequent use in a variety of formats. Using this method therefore alters the entire documentation compilation procedure used by the Technical Editorial team.

What is cross media publishing:
Crossmedia Publishing is a publication processes in which any output formats are published from a common source.

Significance of the maturity level of the documentation department:
How does introducing a component content management system influence the daily work of the technical editors? Is the editorial team “mature” enough for such a fundamental innovation?

Translation and Translation Management:
What is the translation process from the viewpoint of technical documentation?

What is terminology work?
Terminology work checks technical and company-specific terminology and clearly determines which terms shall be used consistently in all documents