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Topics: Process Optimization

Process Optimization in Technical Documentation

XML-Editorial Systems - Terminology - Metadata - Cross Media and Single Source Publishing - Translation Costs - Content Delivery

We want to continuously improve and optimize production and development processes. This is the only way to achieve high-quality software documentation such as online help and other content. Because this saves you costs.

Cut translation costs with a Translation Memory System
Technical documentation, such as user manuals or operating manuals, are not only translated into European languages, but many more languages for the w...
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Content Delivery Portal for Technical Documentation
Users always expect to get up-to-date documentation for maintaining devices or installing a software update. Providing customers with the up-to-date v...
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Component Content Management System. Workflow for large volumes of data
A content management system (CMS) is a database-supported software program, in which content can be collaboratively created, processed and managed. Th...
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Single cource publishing in the field of technical documentation
Single Source Publishing is a methodto create reusable content in a systematic way. The information is set up in modules and compiled for subsequent u...
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What is crossmedia publishing?
Crossmedia Publishing is the name given to publication processes in which any output formats are published from a common source. The compilation of th...
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Significance of the maturity level of the documentation department
Component content management systems are becoming more and more important for the creation of technical documentation. Nowadays, there is a whole rang...
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Translation and Translation Management
We take over the translation management of your technical documentation. We take care of the terminology work while creating your manuals and online-h...
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What is terminology work? What is a term?
Terminology work checks technical and company-specific terminology and clearly determines which terms shall be used consistently in all documents with...
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