The best project flow for each customer

The process of a documentation project goes through different phases. This is how the project flow of a documentation project with people text looks like, in detail we discuss the flow with each customer department.

The development of user documentation should be part of the lifecycle of the software

The development of user documentation should be part of the same processes as the lifecycle of the software product, and ideally should be done in conjunction with the development of the software so that the software and user documentation can be tested, distributed, and maintained together. The specification of all documentation, including on-screen documentation and printed documentation, should be a part of the development of the software product as a whole, not as a separate task. Although accurate user documentation cannot be completed until the software product is fully developed, both the user documentation and the software product benefit from concurrent development.

It includes the definition of project requirements, objectives and constraints; analysis of the target group and tasks; design, development and review of user documentation.

Basically, different project scenarios can be distinguished:

  • Integration into agile development environments with assigned tasks in sprint cycles.
  • The information creation process is predetermined. Documentation planned asynchronously to development. The information creation process must be planned.

How does the documentation project work best?

  • We plan the entire documentation project for you. In doing so, we attune your project to your company- and branch-specific targets
  • We create a concept for your technical documentation and carry out the necessary research in your development department
  • We create, update or maintain your documentation. In doing so, we will keep an eye on the potential for optimisation and increase the productivity in the course of the project
  • We conduct a review of your documentation, cooperating with your development department. When we have incorporated corrections and adjustments, we conduct a further internal review
  • We publish your technical documentation in your preferred format (LISTPARAEND)

What we offer

We offer individual solutions, geared to your needs. User manuals or operating instructions: These are instructions which help users to use a product correctly and safely. Whether you need a user manual on a mobile device or printed out, we have longstanding experience in creating those documents, we know the editorial tasks. The process of developing a complex technical documentation is a task that requires having clear expectations, commitments, and ongoing communication. Our expert technical writers, illustrators, and project managers ensure high-quality content is delivered consistently and on time.