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Topics: Standardization in technical documentation

Standardization in technical documentation

Standardization - Copy Editing - Editorial Guideline - Link-Concept - Intelligibility

Defined standards standardize procedures. Concepts and guidelines therefore ensure that editors create online help and other content as if from a single source.

Standardization in technical documentation
The goal of every technical editing department is to create and manage technical documentation efficiently. The way to achieve this is through defined...
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Copy editing of technical documentation
Copy editing technical documentation comprises the careful examination of texts regarding linguistic correctness, stylistic devices and structure. Wit...
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Creating an editorial guideline
Editorial guides are a valuable means in technical documentation. They make life easier for technical editors and contribute decisively to the quality...
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Creating a well-conceived link concept for technical documentation
Links are a vital component of every technical documentation. They ease navigation within documents and quickly lead users to the information they are...
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Rules for intelligible texts in technical documentation: A Checklist
An optimum text intelligibility in technical documentation is more important than in almost every other type of text. To achieve that, the linguistic ...
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