Partner: Quanos and Expert Communication Systems

We are pleased to have strong partners at our side.

people text is always keen to work with other technology and service providers to help both parties better serve their customers. As a service provider ourselves we understand that sometimes a project needs skills which are outside of an organisations' comfort zone. This is where partnering can have great benefits. There are many other technologies which integrate with technical documentation. Organisations providing services to these markets sometimes find that they need to bring in a third party for the technical documentation element of the project.

Expert Communication Systems with Smart Media Creator

Expert Communication Systems GmbH, a company domiciled in Haar near Munich, is the maker of the browser based XML editing system “Smart Media Creator”. Thanks to modern technology and structures, SMC excels with high efficiency and usability and can be run in many areas of technical documentation and technical marketing. Sample fields of application are: Manuals / instructions, catalogs / data sheet, software documentation / online help, web content and mobile devices, e-learning or marketing media. Expert Communication Systems offers a wide range of services around the installation and application of the editing system, thereby contributing to a fast and safe ROI of projects in different dimensions.

Smart Media Creator

Quanos Content Solutions GmbH with Schema ST4

SCHEMA ST4 is an XML-based editing system that treats content and text as standardised information units. The complete SCHEMA ST4 product range supports the creation, management, translation and publication of technical documentation. Through our partnership with Quanos Content Solutions and our status as a certified service provider, we are kept up to date with the latest technological innovations and are trained to use the SCHEMA ST4 editing system.

Being a Quanos Content Solutions Bronze Partner means that we have access to the latest technology updates direct from the Schema labs. Our close relationship with Quanos Content Solutions GmbH allows us to work with Schema ST4 and our customers on a collaborative basis. Our skills lay in providing technical documentation experience on the content management system Schema ST4.

Schema ST4