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Translation and Translation Management

Topics: Automation Topics: Process Optimization

We take over the translation management of your technical documentation. We take care of the terminology work while creating your manuals and online-help. We develop the terminology of the corresponding target language in cooperation with the translation department. In doing so, the complete translation management is an one-stop.

Translation process from the viewpoint of technical documentation

Terminology work is important for the creation of technical documentation and later, as a consequence, when it is being translated. Terminology work is completed by us during the creation process of your manuals and online help. Terminology appropriate to the corresponding target languages is determined in collaboration with the translation department and your contact persons in the target country, e.g. your distributors and sales partners. This allows us to provide the translation department with important information for the translation of documentation. We make it easier for translators to complete their tasks and thereby reduce translation costs.

The following items are important for determining a translation workflow.

Before Translation

  • You have found a translation service provider who can manage your target languages and you know the contact persons, also the ones internally, who would be able to answer any questions translators could possibly have.
  • You have clarified which file formats are transmitted, how this is done, and how much time has to be scheduled for the translation process.
  • You have set the copy deadline in collaboration with the affected internal departments because, subsequently, the content is sent to be translated.
  • You know whether or not forms have to be completed, and if so, which ones.
  • You have established a process for versioning, unless you are using an editing system.

After Translation

  • Keep in mind that you will receive a lot more content than you have sent. Determine how you will manage these files, unless you are working with an editing system. You have made arrangements for this.
  • You have clarified who should monitor the delivery of the translations.
  • You have established a quality assurance process. You should have a native speaker available for each target language to review the translation.
  • You have clarified who will maintain the translation memory system; should the translation service provider maintain it or should you do so.